Silver Lego Blowup Ability

When playing a character with Silver Lego Blowup you can destroy silver Lego objects. Silver Lego Blowup is a common ability. There are 23 characters and builds with it.

Characters with Silver Lego Blowup ability

Abby Yates Abby Yates unique year 2
Charge Transfer, Fix-it, Ghostbusters 2016 Story, and 14 more
B.A. Baracus B.A. Baracus unique year 2
A-Team Adventure World, A-Team Master Build, Fix-it, and 5 more
Cyberman Cyberman unique
Dive, Doctor Who World, Drone, and 11 more
Ethan Hunt Ethan Hunt unique year 2
Acrobat, Dive, Drone, and 18 more
Gizmo new Gizmo all-rounder year 2
Grapple, Gremlin Transformation, Gremlins World, and 5 more
Gollum Gollum all-rounder
Acrobat, Boomerang, Dive, and 6 more
Harry Potter Harry Potter all-rounder year 2
Apparate Access, Diffindo, Flying, and 13 more
Lord Voldemort Lord Voldemort all-rounder year 2
Apparate Access, Diffindo, Flying, and 13 more
Newt Scamander new Newt Scamander unique year 2
Apparate Access, Diffindo, Fantastic Beasts Story, and 14 more
The Wicked Witch The Wicked Witch all-rounder
Flying, Hover or Fly, Illumination, and 6 more
Tina Goldstein new Tina Goldstein all-rounder year 2
Acrobat, Apparate Access, Diffindo, and 11 more

Vehicles and gadgets with Silver Lego Blowup ability

B.A.'s Van new B.A.'s Van
Accelerator Switch, Tow Bar, Silver Lego Blowup, and 7 more
Dalek Dalek
Laser, Flight Dock, Silver Lego Blowup, and 3 more
DeLorean Time Machine DeLorean Time Machine
Accelerator Switch, Time Travel Switch, Special Attack, and 7 more
G-6155 Spy Hunter G-6155 Spy Hunter
Tow Bar, Accelerator Switch, Sails on Water, and 7 more
Hover Pod Hover Pod
Flying, Hover or Fly, Flight Dock, and 3 more
Hoverboard Hoverboard
Hover, Hover or Fly, Special Attack, and 2 more
IMF Scrambler new IMF Scrambler
Accelerator Switch, Special Attack, Special Weapon, and 10 more
K-9 K-9
Silver Lego Blowup, Sonar Smash, Laser
Phone Home beta Phone Home
Sonar Smash, Silver Lego Blowup, Laser, and 7 more
Sentry Turret Sentry Turret unique
Sentry Turret, Laser, Flying, and 4 more
Slime Shooter Slime Shooter
Special Attack, Silver Lego Blowup
Taunt-o-Vision Taunt-o-Vision unique
Silver Lego Blowup, Taunt Enemies, Special Weapon, and 1 more

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